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The Weil Institute of Emergency and Critical Care Research at Virginia Commonwealth University continues the 45-year-old tradition of training visiting fellows from all over the world in basic science research. We train physicians, medical scientists, and engineers as part of our commitment to help advance the practices of life-saving medicine in all corners of the globe. Weil Institute of Emergency and Critical Care Research is therefore well known for its worldwide representation of past trainees, its research contributions to life support  medical care, and for its role in modeling the organization, instrumentation, staffing, and delivery of intensive care.   

Since 1960, trainees have become leaders in both basic science and clinical research pertinent to emergency and critical care medicine. Upon return to their home institutions, they are armed with experience and knowledge and are able to direct independent clinical and research programs in academic medical centers. 

Minimal qualifications include MD or PhD degree with a basic post graduate degree in clinical training, a major specialty pertinent to emergency and critical care medicine including emergency medicine, cardiology, critical care medicine, anesthesiology or surgery. Since the Weil Institute does not provide a monetary stipend for fellows, preference for fellowship appointment is given to candidates who receive total support from their home institutions or governments. 

More than 350 Fellows have been trained in the Weil Institute of Emergency and Critical Care Research programs since 1959. The Fellows work side-by-side with internationally renowned basic science and clinical leaders in emergency and critical care medicine, resuscitation, and biomedical engineering. Opportunities exist for observation, collaboration, and conference attendance in clinical areas of emergency medicine, resuscitation, and critical care.

Application Process for fellowships:

Weil Institute lab photo

1. A detailed Curriculum Vitae

2. The candidate is asked to write a letter defining their career goals and the extent to which these goals may be fulfilled by appointment to fellowship. A description of how the fellowship will be supported by his/her home institution is required. The policy of the Institute is to encourage return of the fellow to his/her home institution on completion of training.

3. Five professional references are required, including current sponsor, Chief of Services, or senior supervisor. Please indicate relationship, name, title, full address and email / fax if available.

4. For foreign applicants, evidence of fluency in writing the English language.

Application may be submitted by e-mail or by letter addressed to:

Wanchun Tang, MD 
Weil Institute of Emergency and Critical Care Research, Virginia Commonwealth University
1101 E. Marshall Street 
Richmond, VA 23298   
email: Wanchun.tang@vcuhealth.org  
Tel: 804-828-7776

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